A Foodie Accountant

It’s isn’t easy living in the City of Los Angeles. Although there is a zest for life at every street corner, temptation is everywhere.

I work at an accounting firm and during my lunch break I do my best to scourge the grounds of the city for the best street food I can find. I’d prefer a day out roughing it out compared to a fine dining experience any day.

I simply admire food trucks. I actually aspired to be a proud owner of one one day. The hardy cooking methods food truckers use amaze me. I absolutely love ” The Great Food Truck Race ” on AFC and who knows if I ever get good enough, I you may even find me on the corner of the Brooklyn Bridge.

I’ve been practicing and picking up new skills for some time now and here’s everything I’ve learnt since.

Here’s My Story!! I hope you’d follow me through it all.

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Why I Love Using Nonstick Cookware

Cooking isn’t one of my favorite hobbies. I am not saying I can’t cook. I do cook sometimes but only when I have the right tools at hand. A nonstick cookware is one of those tools that make my moments when in the kitchen wonderful and enjoyable. Not until I come across this excellent cooking utensil, my life a cook was miserable. But after I knew about it, I can passionately tell to the world about the many benefits of using nonstick cookware.

nonstick cookware

Efficient Super Fast Cooking

One thing is found amazing about the best nonstick cookware is that it’s surprisingly efficient and super-fast. The unique design of this cookware allows even distribution of heat which guarantees faster cooking. This allows me to save on gas since the less time I spend preparing certain dishes, the less gas I use for my cook top.

Nonstick Cookware Maintenance

A nonstick cookware is extremely simple to wash, sanitize, and dry-up. When cooking with this cookware, I discovered that it absorbed less oil and food. Many are the times after I finish cooking I tend to discover that no single food particle has stuck in my cookware. This makes it easier for me to clean and use it again when necessary.

Non Stick Cookware Durability

The durability of a non-stick cookware is incomparable. It has a solid coating that makes it extremely scratch resistant. My cookware is now three years old and I have never witnessed any single sign of damage or scratch on it. Your cookware can still for the same period of time but only if you take good care of it.

Extra Health Benefits

The last thing I found great about this amazing cooking tool is its ability to always cook healthy food. The cookware is designed in a way that makes it hard for food to stick on it. Therefore, you do not need to use lots of oil when preparing certain meals so that you can prevent food from sticking to your pan. The less oil you use when cooking, the healthier your foods will be.

Non-Stick Grill Pans?

Are you a great fan of BBQ-ing and want a good pan that will last you a long time and is made of health and safety approved materials? Well, this article is made for you! Non-stick Grill Pans are a wonderful addition to the cooking world, and their use is inevitable if you want a nicely cooked steak. So below are some of the best non-stick Grill Pans with booming sales in the market, so pick which one is best for you and go out for shopping! (Or order it online if you’re lazy like me.

Lodge L8SGP3 Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

This pan is great for those who think they should not spend a lot of money on a simple pan. The USA Company Lodge thought about those people, and made a pan which is both cheap and durable. It can be used on all sorts of cooktops, including grills and campfires, and is oven safe for temperatures over 4000 F! If you don’t have money for a pan but have some for a BBQ, I’m telling you, buy this immediately!

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Square Grill Pan:

This pan comes pre-seasoned, is square shaped and comfy to hold. What’s not to love? The size measures to 10.5 inches, and has a ribbed bottom to keep grease away from your food. It can cook your meat on various cooking surfaces, including induction cooktops, gas cooktops, and even an infrared stove, which is VERY rare. It is also easy to clean, but isn’t that easy as it is not dish washer safe, which means it isn’t good for lazy people even with very good specifications. Simply put, Utopia made a perfect pan for your grilling utopia, that is, if you can clean the utopia yourself.

Weber Style 6435 Professional-Grade Grill Pan:

This rectangular shaped Grill Pan ranks as the number one best seller at Amazon right now, and is pretty different from the rest, keep reading to know why. It is made for slowly cooking soft and delicate foods, and is 13.5 inches large. The makers were so considerate that they even added small slits so that vegetable juices can flow out during cooking. It is made of 430-grade Stainless Steel, and is easy to look after and clean. Just rub some soap and water, and it’s good to go. In a nutshell, it is a a great product for its price.

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Kitchen Pots

Best Non-Stick Sauce Pot – Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Sauce Pot

Yes, again Calphalon has made it to our list of the top cookware and its features are definitely worth the valorization. Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Sauce Pot is a fantastic mid-budget cookware with topmost quality and features. Find the best nonstick cookware here.

Composed of heavy-gauge aluminum, it heats up quickly but lacks proper heat retention capacity. With a very compatible size, this pot has an extra layer covering it, thanks to hard-anodization, which adds to the high durability and features like resistance against wear of the non-sticky layer and scratching. With three layers of non-stick coatings, you can considerably cut the amount of fat or oil in your food without apprehending about having to eat burnt food. Its lid with a transparent glass is quite helpful for peeping into the contents without opening the lid. This pot is doubtlessly versatile as it is compatible with all type of hobs along with the oven where the lid also settles without any problems.

Friendly Reminder

Besides, this thing is easy to clean and if not in a mood good to do the dishes you can simply toss them into your dishwasher as well. Also, the wide base and tall sides make it a perfect one for stock and soup making.One thing we want you to consider is the slippery nature of the pot’s base in the stoves as its non-sticky nature makes it a bit slippery and while in the oven the two handles turn quite hot. So, just don’t burn your hands.

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Espresso Reviews, Espresso Tips

This is How to Pick The Best Home Espresso Maker

There is something for each and every person

It can be devastating deciding on how to pick the best home
espresso maker. Many models and brands have clogged today’s market, hence
perplexing the minds of the vast consumer population. Honestly, there is
something for each and every person; all that matters is how you will choose
one that fully fits you, and that will fully satisfy your espresso needs.

If you have that empty space in your home kitchen that you want to fill with an best espresso machine, and you probably have no idea on where to start, this article has got you covered. There is an array of factors you should consider before picking one. Let us focus on the most basic technical details you should not afford to turn a blind eye on.

The size of the espresso maker

You probably need an espresso maker that will fit in your
reserved kitchen space. You cannot therefore afford to buy one that is too big,
or too small. Check the dimensions of the machine, especially the height, and
ensure it fully suits what you need. Keep in mind that you will also need a
burr grinder in order to get the best out of your machine, hence choosing the
right size is one of the most important factor.

The Machine style

Do you want a traditional looking E61 brew group machine, or
do you prefer a cafe style espresso machine? Some machines come with push
button controls while some display manual paddle controls. It all depends on
what you want for yourself. If you love watching a machine do everything for
you, then a fully automated one is your ideal friend. If you love doing
everything yourself, then a manual machine is all you need. All the espresso
makers will produce the quality espresso you always dream of, style therefore
is all about what you need, and there is no right or wrong choice.

The Boiler type

Three main espresso machines exist in the market; single
boiler, double boiler, and heat exchanger. You can choose any of these, depending
on what you are really in dire need of. The bottom line is, all these machines
are great. Your choice is all that counts. However, for the ability to pull
steam milk and shots concurrently, and for consistency in temperature, experts
recommend a double boiler. Choose wisely.

The Water Source

While some espresso makers have water plumbed in, some
don’t. They use water in a manually filled reservoir that sits inside the
machine. Interestingly, some makers have the capability to do both. If you rent
a house; as most people do, having this option will offer you with great
flexibility if you move houses. If you go for a reservoir machine, well and
good. Just ensure the access point is accessible from where your machine will
call home.

The pump type

A plumbed espresso maker will have a gear or rotary pump. On
the other hand, a non-plumbed one will have a vibratory pump. This isn’t rocket
science, right? The pump type will always be defined depending on the type of
machine you want. This is therefore the easiest factor to consider while
choosing the best home espresso maker. It can never be a deal-crasher!

After all is said and done, and you have considered all the
above practicalities, why not modestly pick the best home espresso maker you
want to grace your kitchen each and every morning?

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The Perfect Pots and Pans For Your Kitchen

Not ready to purchase an expensive cookware set to prepare your daily meals? We have selected some of the perfect pots and pans to have in your kitchen. No matter what is your cooking style, our list will surely help you find the best pots and pans to own. Here are some popular types of cooking utensils discussed which can be used to cook like a professional.

8 “Non-stick Sauté pan

Best for preparing larger meals and frying, a saucepan has proven to be the best cookware item one must own. You can make meals of your choice, prepare pasta’s and boil eggs as it now comes with a long lasting non-stick coating. Furthermore, the item is easy to clean and is 100 percent dishwasher safe. So, if you are planning to purchase a quality cookware item for daily use, this one will surely prove to be your ultimate selection. Check out some of the best nonstick cookware here.

2-Quart Sauce Pan with Lid

Want to reheat soups and make appropriate sauces, this pan is an ultimate choice for a single person. It can also be used to prepare tea or coffee as it is completely heat resistant and designed to last for years to come. Furthermore, people have also used this product for cooking larger stews and soups without any inconvenience.

10” Cast Iron Pan

Made out of pure cast iron, you can grill your favorite meats and fish without any risk of sticking it with the pan. Suitable for everyday use, I consider this pan to be a long lasting and reliable cookware item. Unlike other pans of the similar kind, this one can withstand high oven temperatures and requires no special care. Once you are done with your cooking, the pan can be washed through a dishwasher as well.

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Tips To Select An Amazing Cookware Set

Cookware sets can only prove to be your best investment in case you are able to select the best available option. Read my post on the best nonstick cookware here. There are different types and categories of cookware items which are suitable to your cooking style and attitude. I have found people ending up paying for cooking utensils which are of no use. I prefer reading reviews before choosing my cookware, sites like helped me quite a bit in coming up with this guide.

So, if you are determined to make a safe investment, read my article in detail follow the tips to grab the best available option. Depending upon expertise and dieting needs for everyone, cookware sets are designed to give you best nutrition and health.

Review Your Cooking Style

Before you head up for purchasing and expensive cookware set, I will advise you to overview your daily dieting routine. What items do you cook regularly and which pans will perfectly meet your demands? Whether you like fast cooking or prefer your food items to be cooked slowly. These are some factors which can greatly assist you in purchasing the perfect cookware set. For example, people who use meat more often can get best support from a saucepan for which no extra items are needed.

Build Your Own Cookware Set

In case you are not willing to purchase cookware sets which have unnecessary items, I personally recommend you to make one of your own choice. Examine your cooking routing and the number of people who need meals regularly. Pots, saucepans, skillets and lids are the most used items in a cookware set for which you can also make your selection separately. Other kitchen utensils and helping materials can also added into the list of your personal cookware set.

Ensure The Cookware Fits The Cook Top

Check your cooktop style before selecting larger pots and pans. Flat bottomed pans are an essential cookware item and suits best on all types of stoves. Furthermore, you can also choose some round bottom saucepans for frying and cooking purposes. Some cookware items are designed to cook more than one meals at a time for which you will be needing two stoves.

Selecting The Best Cookware

After studying some consumer reviews online, I have found that hard coat anodized cookware sets last longer and provide better cooking results. No matter how hard you cook, the PTFE nonstick coating does not get scratched and remains perfect after regular cleaning. Furthermore, it is 100 percent dishwasher safe and can be washed within minutes. Another popular coating for cookware sets is known as cladding which is applied over stainless steel utensils. Being a conductive material, heat flows evenly giving ultimate and quick cooking results.

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The Best Slow Juicers

When it comes to the extraction of juice, you will find that there are several types of the juicers that you can get. They will include what are called the slow juicers which are also called masticating juicers and they make the juice cold and slowly chew on the fruit to make the juice come out better.

These are some of the best juicers that we found out about and they will ensure that you do a good job on your juices with no problems. They were selected according to the amount of reviews that they have received and majorly on what the consumers have said after testing them.




This one is made with a technology that allows it to be silent and very quiet when it is working to make sure that you have peace of mind when making juice. It will protect the heat sensitive nutrients that include enzymes to make sure that you get all the rich goodness that will help you in ensuring that you enjoy the juice that you make.




This is heavy duty and it will grind everything from nuts to coffee and other things that most will not be able to. The cold presser will make sure that the enzymes in the fruits and the fiber will be protected from the heat of getting grinded. The juice has not much froth in it and the whole process is just easy. The four parts that make up the juicer will be easy to take apart and clean.




This one has been lauded for having more speed than its counterparts while maintaining the quality of the juice at the optimum enzyme protecting levels that are required so that the machine can be called a masticator or sluicer. You can even pop in whole uncut apples as this monster had a large maw and the disassembling process will be easy so that you can get the best out of cleaning the machine.




The SKG has a chute that is one of the largest in the market and you will have an easy time with the fruits without wasting time cutting them up. That means that you will have no oxidation of the fruit which happens when you cut them up. That will make higher quality juice that will ensure that your enjoyment is optimum.

As you can see from the list, you will notice that these ones have been chosen because of their prowess in making the juice the best that it can be. They all have a quality that sets them apart from the rest.

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