A Foodie Accountant

It’s isn’t easy living in the City of Los Angeles. Although there is a zest for life at every street corner, temptation is everywhere.

I work at an accounting firm and during my lunch break I do my best to scourge the grounds of the city for the best street food I can find. I’d prefer a day out roughing it out compared to a fine dining experience any day.

I simply admire food trucks. I actually aspired to be a proud owner of one one day.┬áThe hardy cooking methods food truckers use amaze me. I absolutely love ” The Great Food Truck Race ” on AFC and who knows if I ever get good enough, I you may even find me on the corner of the Brooklyn Bridge.

I’ve been practicing and picking up new skills for some time now and here’s everything I’ve learnt since.

Here’s My Story!! I hope you’d follow me through it all.

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