The Best Slow Juicers

When it comes to the extraction of juice, you will find that there are several types of the juicers that you can get. They will include what are called the slow juicers which are also called masticating juicers and they make the juice cold and slowly chew on the fruit to make the juice come out better.

These are some of the best juicers that we found out about and they will ensure that you do a good job on your juices with no problems. They were selected according to the amount of reviews that they have received and majorly on what the consumers have said after testing them.




This one is made with a technology that allows it to be silent and very quiet when it is working to make sure that you have peace of mind when making juice. It will protect the heat sensitive nutrients that include enzymes to make sure that you get all the rich goodness that will help you in ensuring that you enjoy the juice that you make.




This is heavy duty and it will grind everything from nuts to coffee and other things that most will not be able to. The cold presser will make sure that the enzymes in the fruits and the fiber will be protected from the heat of getting grinded. The juice has not much froth in it and the whole process is just easy. The four parts that make up the juicer will be easy to take apart and clean.




This one has been lauded for having more speed than its counterparts while maintaining the quality of the juice at the optimum enzyme protecting levels that are required so that the machine can be called a masticator or sluicer. You can even pop in whole uncut apples as this monster had a large maw and the disassembling process will be easy so that you can get the best out of cleaning the machine.




The SKG has a chute that is one of the largest in the market and you will have an easy time with the fruits without wasting time cutting them up. That means that you will have no oxidation of the fruit which happens when you cut them up. That will make higher quality juice that will ensure that your enjoyment is optimum.

As you can see from the list, you will notice that these ones have been chosen because of their prowess in making the juice the best that it can be. They all have a quality that sets them apart from the rest.

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